The last place for some missed files

  What is the goal of last-host ?

Sometimes, important files (patches, documentation, old software, old drivers, music...) are simply ignored and not available anymore. These files can be somewhere in someone's hard disks, floppy disks or CD-ROM. This website is designed to save these files and keep them online, available for anyone freely, and easy to find it, with an internal search engine or other search engines like Google. All files will be categorized and documented. Anyone will be able to submit files, telling why this file is rare or should be archived (see below). Users will also have the ability to ask for a file, and if someone someday find an URL or got it somewhere in his data, he could send it and help (at least) one guy. No illegal or copyrighted file will be allowed (some exceptions could happen, but if the owner asks to remove it, it'll be done immediatly). I hope this service will be useful for any people.

Why a file should be archived ?

A file should be submitted for archiving when it meets at least one of the following :
  • Old files : if you have an old version of a software that is not available anymore, but has some interesting features (can work on old computers, can open/save rare file formats...) then you can submit it here to let someone else use these features
  • Personal work : if you wrote some program, music or text that you don't want to work on anymore, but you don't want to erase it, then you can submit it here so anyone could reuse it, and why not make something better out of it (and submit it again as an update, for example)
  • Hard-to-find files : if you got some documentation, device driver, music or software that is still available (or not) but very hard (or impossible) to find or to get, then you can submit it here, to let users find it and get it faster
  • Valuable files : if you think that software, document, text or music is so great that it should be saved from any deletion and anyone should have a copy (or at least can have one at any moment) then you can submit it here, to let it live online and let others discover it too (not for music fans though, I mean don't submit songs that you find beautiful just because you love it)
However, is not purposed for :
  • Personal backup (anyone could get it, and its not the purpose of last-host)
  • Temporary/permanent file/picture hosting like rapidshare or imageshack (files should have a global interest and should be saved definitely)
  • Mirroring for widely distributed files (its a free mirror for rare files only)
  • Distributing confidential documents (it is rare, sure, but we don't care of those...)
Files should also be virus-free, copyright-free and less than 100MB. Any submitted files will also be moderated and standardized (zip files) before actually being published.